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1 kg of wheat flour,
20 grams of sugar, Crystal,
15 grams of margarine or 10 g of oil,
5 egg yolks,
1/2 l milk,
5 grams of yeast,
20 grams of icing sugar for sprinkling,
1 Pack vanilla sugar,
any add-ons.
30 grams of jam,
75 grams of lard for frying


Yeast, mix it with a small amount of summer milk with added sugar. Sift the flour. Jam drain on sieve. Mix egg yolks with sugar to whiteness. Combine flour with milk, egg yolks and yeast. Add the orange zest, lemon, vanilla or the essence of rumową etc. Knead dough until bubbles. At the end of the Add dissolved fat and beat out the dough for as long, until it's moved away from the vessel. The dough should be quite thick, to roll out on a pastry Board. Then put the dough in a warm place to ferment. Be careful to not surpassed, because then there will be in the big hole and the fried dough will nasikało fat. After the dough roll out to a thickness of 1 cm and trim rings, glass or a glass. Applied to each album jam, cover the second ball, and firmly put on a pastry Board floured or sieve. The buds should do in a warm room. When you get older, you can knock them over. Grown buds should be light. Separately, prepare the lard for frying. warm up (during frying to the hot lard put, what a time slice raw peeled potato, which prevents overcooking FAT). The temperature of the fat can be examined by throwing to him a piece of cake; When the dough immediately flows out, the fat is suitable for frying. Grown Donuts put into the hot fat bottom side up and cover with lid. When browned reverse to the other side and dosmażyć uncovered. Fat should be in a pan just enough to be able to swim freely in the buds. Ready to remove sharp-pointed a stick and put on absorbent paper to osączenia from fat. Then arrange on a platter and sprinkle with powdered sugar with vanilla or polukrować. From the aspect ratio you get 40-50 Donuts.

Please note.

Lard after fried doughnuts can be used a second time for frying, klarując it in the following way: pour lard water in quantities of 2-21/2 l, and leave to set. On the surface of the water will create a layer of lard, turbidity established on the bottom. Remove the zakrzepnięty lard, clean up from the bottom, fold to another vessel and use for frying.
This provision placed due to the very accurate description. According to this provision the hell of my grandmother and mom. Comes from an old book. Perhaps it is modernized by Grandma and mom

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