Dumplings with fresh cabbage and mushrooms

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The dough for the dumplings cooked:
500 g plain flour
220 ml water
1 egg yolk
1 tsp butter
1/4 teaspoon salt

The dough for dumplings baked:
500 g plain flour
15 dkg butter
2 egg yolks
3-4 tbsp sour cream
1/4 teaspoon salt
rozbełtane egg to grease the dumplings

White cabbage
dried Boletus mushrooms
EW. the mushrooms
salt, pepper
soy sauce or stock cube optionaly


Special Christmas Eve for us a meal. Why ordinary would be built, dumplings, steadfast sentiment for years? Well, the recipe brought from the East, somewhere in the vicinity of Vilnius, Granny Pampasa. Long and patient frying the stuffing on the dark color on the cast iron frying pan, and then translating to bowls and obdzielanie the whole younger generation of the family that then anointing stick dumplings with babciną cabbage in the Middle, I unfortunately only with stories. Granny's no longer with us is gone, along with her gone plenty of "kluskowych" the provisions made on the so-called eye, tucking into a household. Stuffing fortunately remained not only in memories. Guests on my table consistently since 2000 and so will all the time. Pampas said he did not know what a miracle, but it tastes just like Grandma's, though each time the proportions of the ingredients are different.

And here's how we cook this rather laborious stuffing:

Do not give proportions of the ingredients, because, as I wrote above, they should be indicative only. Usually prepare it it with a small bulb fresh cabbage (with a weight of approx. 1, 5 kg), approximately 30-50 g of mushrooms and two large bulbs.
The best in my opinion, the mushrooms to this dish are Boletus mushrooms, they seem to be very flavorful. Porcini, though so prized are too mild in flavor to dishes with cabbage.

To a large pot put the dried mushrooms, pour warm water and leave for a few hours or overnight.
The cabbage coarsely poszatkuj, throw in a pot with mushrooms (do not spill water from soaking mushrooms), add the bay leaf, salt, pepper, diced rosołową, mix and cook over low heat until tender. Odcedzaj a moment strainer. Do not pop the decoction. Cabbage with mushrooms should remain wet, liquid odparowujemy only in the Pan during the subsequent stewing.
In a large sauté pan for gold the sliced onion.
Ingredients for stuffing grind in a food processor to grind, assuming the strainer with larger mesh sizes.
Put the stuffing in the pan with the onion, pour a few tablespoons of oil, braise about half an hour, stirring from time to time. Finally, remove the cover, season with stuffing according to taste with salt, pepper, or hot peppers and leave to cool. Ready cabbage should be quite spicy and brackish. Rather I do not recommend adding herbs and spices to the cabbage.

Stuffing you can freely do so some time before Christmas and freeze.
Is ideal for dumplings, boiled and baked. You can also translate into thinly then two pies with the shortcrust pastry and bake in small springform pan.

Preparation of the dough for the dumplings cooked:

Sift the flour into a large bowl, mix the salt, make a hole, pour hot water, add the egg yolk, butter, and mix quickly. The dough should be soft and flexible at the same time. Do not leave it for long, immediately wałkuj, podsypując flour, cut glass wheels, apply the stuffing exactly sklejaj, put a pastry Board wysypaną with flour and cook in batches in osolonym boiling water about 2 minutes from departure. The cooked pour melted fat to avoid gluing.
Great also fried.

Preparation of shortbread on dumplings baked:

Flour mixed with salt and butter chop. Add rest of ingredients, quickly knead into a dough. Should be smooth and elastic and light resistance to be used with pasta. Paste insert for a while in the refrigerator, or wałkuj immediately on a pastry Board, podsypując with flour.
Wywałkowane the cake slice with a knife on the rectangles. The shape of dumplings is of course arbitrary. I am concerned about only to avoid waste of the punching, which crimp again with another flour to be used with pasta will cause the dough to become perhaps too hard.
Use stuffing spoon, carefully join the edges of each dumpling. Arrange dumplings on a baking sheet lined with baking parchment and spread with the egg.
Bake to golden color at about 200 degrees.

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