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50 dkg flour
20 grams of icing sugar
20 grams of honey
12 grams of butter or margarine
1 egg
1 grams of baking soda, Remo
2 tbsp spices to gingerbread


Flour mixed with baking soda (1 dag of baking soda is more or less the sandwich tea spoon), make a recess in the Middle, pour in the honey, add spices, sugar, soft butter and egg. (Honey, if it is not smooth, you can also previously warmed with butter, sugar and the roots, then cool and combine with flour. Usually just do).
Knead the dough as pierogi. Knead until smooth and uniform in cross-section. Different thickness gingerbread can be trim and bake immediately, but the raw dough is also suitable for longer storage in a cool place (in a glass or covered with a clay Bowl or just wrapped in foil).
Cakes should bake in medium preheated oven about 10 minutes. You have to be careful not to zrumieniły too much, because due to the skarmelizowania of honey can become too hard and pick up a bit of bitterness.
On the first day after baking gingerbread cookies are very hard, perfect become after two or three days, when will become moisture and soften.
They can be long stored in a tightly closed container or plastic bag tied. You just have to remember to leave them before meals for two days in a bowl or absent so they can absorb moisture from the air. Insert the appropriate particle apples or oranges skin, which will affect the softness of the gingerbreads is not necessary, unless the apartment is strongly heated and very dry. A few days before serving (or even earlier) can be gingerbread freely polukrować. Great to also present on the Christmas tree.

Instead of icing sugar you can use regular sugar, but the crystals are visible in the cookies.
Amateur less pastries should rather reduce the amount of sugar to 10-15 grams, especially if the gingerbread will be panned.

The proportions of the ingredients I got from friend. Then, quite a few years later, it turned out, that were taken from an old issue of "Polish cuisine". Let me leave the recipe for page as an advertisement of this very ancient, but still an excellent book.

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