Potato casserole with sausage

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The proportion for 3-4 persons:
-4 large cooked potatoes,
-2 medium-sized onions
-4-5 pickled cucumbers (or canned, if you will)
-2 rings of Silesian sausage or other
-4-5 eggs hard boiled gotwanych
-200 ml sour cream 12%
-1 raw egg
-salt, pepper
-1/2 bunch of dill


Cooked potatoes previously cut into very thick slices. We do so also with cucumbers and boiled egg.

Root cut into półplasterki and fry with a little salt and pepper on the fat. FRY only to zeszkliła and not zrumieniła, because it will be bitter.

Dish with quite thickly margarine.

Now the most pleasant part of the work-place, go to layers:
and so until products.

At the very end of the cream with the egg, salt and pepper and pour in the prepared whole, sprinkle with chopped dill.
Put in the oven. 180 C for about 1 hour, until the top is brownish.
Casserole is simple and perfectly suited to the second course.

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