Simple barbeque salad

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-1 head of cabbage Beijing medium size
-1 can of corn (400 g)
-1 can of red beans (400 g)
-1 can of green beans (400 g)
-1 box of cheese Fett-mild (200 g)
-1 medium-size fresh red pepper
-3 tablespoons mayonnaise
-salt, pepper to taste


The Beijing cabbage finely chop.Feta cheese cut into cubes more or less
1 cm x 1 cm. Peppers red wash, carve out pits and cut into thin, short strips. The cabbage throw odsączoną on the sieve, beans, peas and corn, add chopped bell pepper, doprawic pepper and salt to taste, remember that the cheese is salty. Add 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, mix and finally add the cheese Fett, again stirring gently.

Salad is ideal for neck, or grilled chicken. It is also great for cold meat dishes.

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