Baked beans and lá 555

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-50 grams of dry beans Hansel;
-25 grams of raw smoked bacon with the dice (and if no, then in addition, pieces of smoked bone);
-50 grams of sausage (I buy a real country);
-3 tablespoons tomato concentrate;
-3 teaspoons of sugar;
-spices: salt, pepper, marjoram, sweet and hot peppers, chilies;
-a tablespoon of flour.

[four large portions]


The day before:

Wash beans, pour cold water (should it be more than twice as much as the bean) and put away for the night.
The next day, drain beans, pour over again, this time with boiling water, wait ok. 15 minutes and drain again.

So prepared beans into a large pot (capacity approx. 2 litres), which will be prepared dish, pour 6 glasses of water (you should see the water on top).
With Bacon carve out the ankle (or use additional), add to the pan with beans.
Boil uncovered, a little salt and cook on very low heat under cover until tender (approx. hours).

Bacon, cut into small cubes, fry over medium-high heat. The sausage cut into fairly thick quarter-sliced, add to the bacon, Fry until (do not add fat, just the rendered animal).
Concentrated to boil with a little bit of water and season with sugar.
With a pot of cooked beans, remove the bone, put 3-4 tablespoons of beans, mash to a pulp.

The beans add crushed mass, concentrate, baked ham (with fat), all carefully mix. Season with spices on the piquant (lots of Marjoram) and bring to a boil (if necessary, add a little boiling water). Sprinkle the dish with flour and Cook, stirring from time to time for 5-10 minutes.

Serve with fresh bread.


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