Chicken soup

  • Stopień trudności

    Średnio trudny


1 chicken - necessarily of a rural pen
1 bunch carrots (without cabbage)
2 sprigs celery Green
1/2 onion
chopped parsley (as a supplement)
salt and pepper to taste


In a large pot boil 2 l of water. Clean chicken portioned and including offal put on boiling water. Cook a while and remove scum. Cook on a very low heat (since this depends on whether the broth will be clear), until the meat is nearly soft. Add peeled and washed before returning it to włoszczyznę. Season with salt and pepper. Cook further until tender meats and vegetables (longer cooking will adversely affect the taste). At the very end of cooking add the chopped roasted in a dry frying pan half onions. When the vegetables and the meat will be soft immediately remove from broth. Failure to do this will result in the deterioration of taste. Into the hot broth toss washed twig celery (not boil). Serve with homemade noodles dusted with chopped parsley.

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