Express strawberry cake

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Pack of biscuits round (approx. 120 g)

The weight of the strawberry:
1/2 L Strawberry yogurt
1/2 L cream 30%
1/2 cup icing sugar
2 Strawberry jelly (90 g)
30-50 grams of fresh strawberries


Strawberry jelly


The bottom of the plaque (25 x 30) or larger springform Pan lay biscotti.

The weight of the strawberry
Whip. At the end of churning add the sugar. Then gently mix sour cream with yoghurt strawberry. Dissolve jelly in 300 ml of water and when they start tęże, pour into the mass. At the end add chopped finely strawberries. When the weight slightly congeal, pour over the top of the jelly Strawberry filling (or two dissolved in 3 glasses of water).

Dough really easy and fast in execution. If you prefer, you can of course do them on the thin biszkopcie.

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