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1 large chicken about 2-2.5 kg
spices: vegeta, seasoning for baked chicken, sweet peppers, garlic, marjoram or other favorites

cooked carrots


Much of the problem can make "fillet", that is, taking it to the bone.
To do this, we put the chicken breasts up on a Board and a very sharp, preferably flexible knife we cut it along the breast.

Cut the wings and neck. Trying to get to a hole in the skin as possible.
Then very carefully cut meat from bones. Still we remember not to cut the skin.

After filleting should we be "golutki" skeleton chicken and a great piece of meat with skin on one side.
The meat lightly Tenderize the pestle to slightly align the (perfectly smooth never will).
Sprinkle with them any spices you can along the place pieces of cooked carrots to chicken galantine Interestingly looked.

The prepared meat closely roll. Reefed very carefully tie a strong thread and again sprinkle with the seasonings.
Galantine is prepared for baking.

Postawiamy it cool at least 2-3 hours. After that time, thegalantine put to the sleeve, which pour approx. 0.5-1 cup water or broth (can be from the cube).
Bake approx. 1.5 hours. 200 degrees C.
If we only need a galantine in a few days, you can prepare it in advance and freeze.
On the day when we will serve it, remove the meat from the freezer, we wait a bit to rozmrozi and half-thawed with even a hint of spice, we put in the sleeve and proceed as described above.

After baking, remove the galantynę on a hard piece of timber, we are waiting as to cool and then remove the strings.

I recommend, because it prepared the meat tastes. Bon appétit.

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