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1 diced white cheese (about 200-250 g)
1 egg
1 cup flour, ok. 220ml (more or less, everything depends on the humidity of the cheese and the size of eggs)
pinch of salt
Optional raisins
the wetting-sugar, bread crumbs, butter


This dish is called dumplings, though it doesn't look like dumplings;)

White cheese rozgniatamy with a fork, I dig egg, mix, add a pinch of salt and zagniatając Add flour gradually-until spręzystej konystencji-if flour give too little, dumplings fall apart during cooking. At the end add the soaked Raisins.

Now the resulting mass is divided into several parts, roll out into the width of about 2-3 cm. Rollers jump cut small pieces, shape's got dumplings. So sliced dumplings put it on wrzacą, slightly salted water and wait until boils-immediately turn off and drain the water.

We put on plates, pour zrumienioną on masełku bread and sprinkle with sugar to taste.

Bon appétit!

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