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1 kg minced beef and pork
3 day-old teacakes,
3 medium onions,
4 eggs,
4 eggs boiled hard boiled
3 tablespoons of lard,
1 tablespoon dried Marjoram.
salt and pepper.


Peel onions and cut into cubes. In a pan heat the lard. Fry the onion on it. To cool. Separate the onion on the sieve from the fat. Bread soaked in water. A slight squeeze. Put the mince in a bowl. Add a stamped with shell, raw eggs, liquid bread and fry for a while the onions. Add Marjoram. Season with salt and pepper. The whole form on a smooth mass. To form (best keksówka) apply a layer of the meat mass, placed on her eggs boiled hard boiled and cover with the rest of the mass. Sprinkle remaining oil after frying onions. Insert into medium preheated oven. (180 degrees Celsius) Bake ok. 45 min. After baking, remove the roast and lay out the lightly loaded timber. Allow to cool. Cold roast cut into slices. Serve with cold spicy sauce.

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