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And dark sponge cake:
-5 eggs
-1 cup sugar
-1 cup flour
-1 teaspoon of baking powder
-pinch of salt
-3 tablespoons cocoa

II. light sponge cake:
-3 eggs
-3/5 glass sugar
-3/5 glass of flour
-3/5 TSP baking powder (ingredients for 1 thin sponge cake)

Other ingredients:

-0.5 litre cream 30 or 36%
-ok. 2 tablespoons powdered sugar-cream
-1 teaspoon of gelatine
-brutal marmolada (approx. 150 ml)
-lemon juice, water, powdered sugar = punch
-raisins, walnuts, chocolate or 1/2 milk chocolate or semi-sweet

* 1 glass = 220 ml


Bake biscuits (tortownica approx. 24 cm)-both the same size. Teatime nasaczyc punch (water + lemon juice + powdered sugar). Biscuit dark cut in two cakes-soak all three pies (2 dark and 1 light) rum punch ok. 1 cups. On the first biszkopcie dark spread Marmalade and cover it with clear ladyfingers.
Whip the cream with sugar-add the melted and cooled gelatin. Most of the cream on a light sponge cake, cover with dark ladyfingers, fold the remaining sour cream and carefully spread the layer was smooth and even.
Sprinkle with cake raisins (not moczonymi) and chopped walnuts. Break chocolate into pieces, toss in a small foil pouch and put it all into a cup of hot water. After a moment, the chocolate will no longer be dissolved and simply cut the tiny Horn bags and pour a thin small chocolate after rodzynkach and nuts. You can simply pour the dough ready chocolate glaze.

PS. the cake is delicious and impressive looks:)

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