The bounty

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2 packages of crackers each. 180 g

100 g grated coconut
250 g butter, vegetable
2 eggs
750 ml of milk
250 ml (1 cup)
1 vanilla sugar
2 spoons of wheat flour
3 spoons of potato flour

cocoa or coffee, peanuts, papaya, almond flakes or other delicacies

bread crumbs to the spillage of plaque


2 egg yolks mix with 250 ml of milk and flour mix on a uniform mass.
Boil the sugar with 500 ml of milk, to the simmering milk pour previously mixed mass of mealy, mix and cook like a pudding. Let appliance cool down. Add the butter and grated coconut, mix.

To the gills greased with butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs stack crackers, to not put the weight of the coconut tree. Components should be enough for three.
On top of the dessert, Sprinkle cocoa or coffee, looks nice in combination with green papaya, and pine nuts.

For those who are wondering why I named this dessert Bounty instead of Rafaello answer: Rafaello I associate with something horribly sweet and almond in the middle.
Bounty is the coconut and chocolate. Because the dessert sprinkled it on cocoa, almond flavor, rather, there is, for it is coconut this Association I had one: BOUNTY:)

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